Department's Profile


General English course is taught by qualified and experienced teachers for first four Semesters (2 years) to all undergraduate students.  The teaching curriculum includes Prose, Poetry, Communication skills and Media awareness, Grammar and composition.  English is an international  language for communication and hence is essential for every student to learn this language .  The marks obtained in the university examination in this subject is considered for declaration of class.



All students of undergraduate courses should study two languages.  English is a common language, besides which any one of the above languages (The language that has been studies at the P U or 10+2 level) has to be studied as a course requirement.

 As in English language, the components of this language also include prose, poetry, drama, essay, grammar and composition.  The marks scored in the University examinations in these languages is counted for declaration of class.


Study of Physics is important as the technological advancement in the field of telecommunication, nuclear Science, Space research etc. which are rooted in the basic laws of physics.  The department of Physics was established in the year 1966.  The infrastructure of the department is continuously being upgraded.


Chemical Science has its impact in all walks of human life. Chemistry is offered as a cognate subject ince 1966 in this college.  


Mathematics is mother of all Sciences.  A fairly good knowledge of mathematics is necessary to understand the fundamental concepts of Physical Sciences.  It is taught as a cognate subject ever since the starting of degree courses in 1966 in this college.  


Botany is being taught as a cognate subject along with Chemistry and Zoology/ Sericulture / Biotechnology.  The department has well qualified, experienced staff and well equipped laboratories.  The study of this subject has gained importance as Biotechnology, floriculture, plant tissue culture, sericulture etc., find their roots in Botany. 


Zoology occupies prime place among Biological Sciences.  A good knowledge of the subject is a pre-requisite for the understanding of emerging areas like Biotechnology,  Entomology, Genetics, Marine Biology, Fisheries etc. The Department of Zoology was instituted in the year 1966.  Since then, department has made steady progress in developing the necessary infrastructure for effective teaching of the subject.


This is an applied branch of Bio-Science which was introduced as an optional subject in the year 1985.  The study of this subject, specially by the students with agriculture background, helps them for self employment and improvisation of silk worm rearing. The saying “Sericulture Pay the poor and Silk allures the rich” is suffice to highlight the importance of this subject.


This is an emerging area with wide application in Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmaceutical industry, Food and Nutrition etc. Biotechnology is taught as a core subject along with  chemistry and Botany. 



Microbiology is a career oriented subject with many applied aspects. Keeping in view the changing trend in vocationalisation of degree courses. Microbiology as a cognate subject was introduced in the college in the year 1987. Since then the department of Microbiology has made a steady progress and the academic achievement of Microbiology students is consistently good.


Information technology has brought revolutionary changes in all the endeavors of man to make the human life hassle free. In tune with University grants commission’s policy of vocationalisation of undergraduate courses, the college introduced the study of computer Science in the year 1991.  The Department of Computer Science has all the facilities for effective academic training of the student.


Electronics like Computer Science has brought revolutionary changes in Telecommunication, Instrumentation technology, Audio-Visual Gadgets and it is the back bone of Computer Hardware. Realizing the importance of this subject, the college introduced electronics as a cognate subject for degree students in the year 1987.