Education is more than acquiring knowledge, it is a path to wisdom, and becoming wise is the ultimate goal of mankind. The power and influence of education is incomprehensible, imperishable and infinite. Every child is a seed which on receiving the right nourishment, care and guidance will grow into a giant tree of knowledge.

Our teachers are committed to educate and train students for their optimal overall growth and development. For the same reason there are regular checks maintained on their progress by organising talks and discussions with both the students and their parents. There is equal, unbiased attention allotted to each child and constant up gradation in the teaching methods and techniques is adopted. The academic curriculum is set keeping in mind the psyche, grasping power a competence of children of same age groups.

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    Extra Curricular Activities

    For overall development of the personality of students and to inculcate discipline, sense of Social responsibility, National integration and protection...

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    Library and Reading Room Facility

    The College has separate library and reading room facility for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  There are more than 20,000 books in the undergraduate...

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    Students Support Facilities

    1. Students Aid fund, Scholarship, Free ships. 2. Health centre. 3. Bank and Telephone facility. 4. Canteen and Drinking water facility. 5. Ladies...

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